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Chiara Petrioli

If you think it is difficult to enable wireless communication on land, you could imagine what are the challenges of doing the same underwater! Chiara Petrioli and the trailblazing research she pursues are embracing these challenges full steam! Along with the team of talented young researchers of her lab at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” she set up to discover and build ways for “things” (e.g., sensors, robots) … and even humans… to talk to each other underwater. On these topics Chiara founded and directs a start-up company, WSENSE s.r.l., with international patents on the “Internet of Underwater Things”. WSENSE, headquartered in Rome, Italy, and with offices in U.K. and, soon, in Norway, is a scaling up award winning company selected among the 30 highly promising high-tech European companies in the emerging field of the Blue Economy, racking contracts for millions of Euros worldwide. 

Besides patented solutions for the “Internet of Underwater Things,” Chiara has led pioneering European projects on sensing systems and Internet of Things with applications ranging from monitoring of critical structures, art preservation, sustainable and secure transport, and others.

Chiara holds a B.S. in computer science and a Ph.D. in computer engineering from the Università degli Studi di Roma La Sapienza, where she is currently a professor of computer science and directs three research labs. The author of hundreds of publications cited several thousands of times, Chiara has been recipient of numerous awards, including the prestigious Fulbright scholarship, and distinctions for her leadership role in societies, scientific journals and international conferences of leading world-wide professional societies. Her discoveries have been listed among other influential research in the Nominet Trust NT100 list “Top 100 Social Global Techs Changing Our Lives 2016.”

Chiara is considered an influencer in the field of technologies for the future Internet, the Internet of Things, and wireless networking at large. She is an enthusiastic educator, has given keynote and invited speeches at tens of event world-wide, and tirelessly advocates the participation of women in science and engineering innovation.