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Chiara Russo

Chiara is CEO and Co-founder of Codemotion, the multichannel platform that supports developers in their professional growth and helps companies engage them to boost the adoption of their technology, to hire talents and for open-innovation purposes. 

Her passion for innovation and technology led her to graduate in Computer Engineering. She started her career in the IT world in 2004, working as a developer in an IT company and, after 5 years, she moved to a sales role.

In 2009 she organized her first tech conference as a hobby and she never stopped! After 4 years working nights and weekends on her conference, she understood the business opportunity, left her job and co-founded Codemotion (with Mara Marzocchi) in 2013. Their aim was to create a unique opportunity of networking and knowledge sharing among the hottest tech topics for developers.

As CEO, she leads the company with passion and determination with the aim of reaching the European leadership by 2021. As of today Codemotion is already the reference point for developers in Italy, Spain, Netherlands and Germany.

She strongly believes coding is as important as reading and writing. Because of this, in 2014, she launched a CSR project, CodemotionKids, to teach coding, electronics and robotics, an academy that helps kids become creators of technology and not just passive users!

She actively fights gender stereotypes in technology, organizing with Codemotion many tech courses for young girls to inspire them and help them discover how amazing it is to work in the IT sector.

She has a lovely 4-year old daughter and she loves travelling around the world and sailing.