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Daria Loi

Daria Loi (PhD; BArch) is a senior technical leader, with 20+ years’ experience in and passion for mixing design strategy with agile UX research & innovation to enrich people’s everyday life. In her current Principal Engineer role at Intel Corporation, she focuses on distributed sensing and AI, with an emphasis on smart home, aging in place and collaborative environments. As a Participatory Design and User Experience researcher and strategist, Daria throughout her career has focused on diverse domains, including: ambient and affective computing, smart spaces, multimodal experiences, PC and TV products, and tangible user interfaces.

Dr. Loi has a long track record in exploring novel territories and leading the way through design innovation. Her seminal work on people’s use of touch screens, for instance, played a crucial role in enabling today’s touch-enabled laptops, convertibles and 2in1 devices. Her PhD thesis-in-a-suitcase, often referenced as pioneering because of its unique arts-based approach, has been showcased in diverse venues, including the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto (MART).

Before joining Intel Corporation in 2006, she worked as architect in Italy and Senior Research Fellow at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia. Daria has conducted research and presented her work in most continents, published 60+ papers, filed several IP, and serves as chair or committee member on a number of international journals, institutes and conferences. More details at http://www.darialoi.com.