Francesca Patellani

Francesca Patellani was born in Milan where she graduated from a Classical Studies High School before achieving a Bachelor Degree in Mathematics at the 
city’s State University. After twenty years 
as a consultant at Accenture in the Financial Services market working on System Integration and Outsourcing projects for major Italian and international banks, in 2014, she was appointed Director of Operations. In this role she oversees the entire set of services underpinning Accenture’s business such as facilities management, technological infrastructures, procurement and people mobility.

Accenture also chose Francesca to guide the company’s social responsibility initiatives. 
In her role as Corporate Citizenship Lead, she promotes the local edition of Skills to Succeed, Accenture’s global program to develop key skills needed to set up a business or join the workforce. Since January 2017, she serves as Vice President of Fondazione Italiana Accenture.

During her career in Accenture, she has worked with passion to promote corporate initiatives that nurture a workplace characterized by fairness, transparency and inclusivity.

In 2017, Forbes Italia ranked Francesca among “Italy’s 100 Most Influential Women”.

Francesca lives in Milan and is mother to two teenage girls.