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Gioia Manetti

Mum of Matilde and Niccolò (10 and 8 years old respectively), Gioia joined Scout24 as CEO for Italy in April 2017, soon after she was appointed CEO for Southern Europe while in August 2018 she became Vice President, International.
She is currently leading the top European digital car marketplace in Europe across Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain and Austria.
She previously worked in the UK for 3 years as COO at Gumtree, the leading classified player of eBay in UK, and before that she covered the role of CEO of eBay Classifieds in Italy.
Gioia graduated as an electronic engineer, was awarded an MBA and then matured a solid experience in strategic consulting at Bain & Company.
Before joining eBay inc, she also held several C-level roles in digital and media companies ranging from Business Development to Strategy and from Product to Marketing.
She is a Mentor of the Mentor4U community.