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Viviana Acquaviva

 Associate Professor at CUNY

Dr. Viviana Acquaviva is an astrophysicist using data science techniques to study the Universe. She received a Bachelor degree in Physics from the University of Pisa and a Ph. D. in Astrophysics from the International School of Advanced Studies in Trieste, and she held postdoctoral positions at Princeton University and Rutgers University before joining the faculty at the City University of New York in 2012. She is currently an Associate Professor in the Physics Department at the CUNY NYC College of Technology and at the CUNY Graduate Center, an associate member of the Center for Computational Astrophysics at the Flatiron Institute, a visiting research scientist at the American Museum of Natural History, and a Harlow Shapley Visiting Lecturer for the American Astronomical Society.

Valeria Cagnina

 Co-Founder and Mentor at

Valeria Cagnina, born in 2001, passionate about robotics and technology. She’s Co-Founder and Mentor of Robotics School. Now, at 17yo, her school became a real company with her company partner Francesco Baldassarre. Together Valeria and Francesco expand their robotics school making activities from 3yo children to teens, adults, teachers with state certificated courses in public and private schools and in companies with team building in small, medium and big company like Cisco, Allianz, Michelin, Enel and IBM.

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Serena Cameirano

 Principal Software Engineer at Salesforce

Determined to live at the center of the modern technological world, Serena moved to Silicon Valley in 2012 to work on the engineering team at Salesforce, the leading customer relationship management software provider, and one of Silicon Valley’s largest companies. She currently holds the title of Principal Software Engineer, and lives in the East Bay area with her husband and two kids.

Marilù Capparelli

Director of Legal Affairs at Google Europe

Marilù Capparelli is a managing director of Google Legal Department in the EMEA area and she leads a team of lawyers located in different countries. Marilù is an Italian qualified lawyer with experience within major international law firms, at the Court of Justice of the European Union and inhouse. Before joining Google in 2009, she was Head of Legal and Government Affairs at eBay Inc., Skype and PayPal.

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Barbara Caputo

 Professor at IIT

Barbara Caputo is Full Professor at the Politecnico of Torino, where she leads the Visual and Multimodal Applied Learning (VANDAL) Laboratory, and Principal Investigator at the Italian Institute of Technology (IIT), where she coordinates the newly founded IIT Division on Artificial Intelligence.  She received her PhD in computer science from the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden, in 2005. From 2007 to 2013 she was Senior Researcher at the Idiap Research Institute, Switzerland, where she funded and guided the Artificial Cognitive Systems group. In 2013 she received a MIUR Professorship, and moved to the Sapienza Rome University as associate professor. Her main research interest is to develop algorithms for learning, recognition and categorization of visual and multimodal patterns for artificial autonomous systems.

Lorella Carimali

 Teacher and Writer at Liceo Scientifico Vittorio Veneto and Rizzoli

Lorella Carimali is a teacher of mathematics and physics at the Vittorio Veneto High school in Milano. She has ongoing collaborations with universities, in particular with the LIUC University of Castellanza, research centres, as well as with other teaching organizations, and is active in the field of innovative teaching methods. She has been passionate about school and about teaching students for over 30 years, ever since leaving university, where she chose a teaching career over the better paid private sector opportunities that were offered to her. Her teaching methods are innovative and aimed at teaching mathematical thought together with development of those skills necessary for the workplace of tomorrow. In 2017 she was awarded as one of the 10 best teachers in Italy, and in 2018 she was chosen among 50 finalists for the Global Teacher Prize (the Nobel prize for teachers).

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Tiziana Catarci

 Full Professor at Università La Sapienza

Tiziana Catarci is full professor in Computer Science and Engineering at Sapienza University of Roma (, director of the Department of Computer, Control, and Management Engineering “Antonio Ruberti”, and director of the ECONA Interuniversity Research Centre on the Cognitive Processing in Natural and Artificial Systems.

Also, she is very active in combating gender disparities and promoting the STEM disciplines among female students by promoting dedicated projects at both school and university level and acting as role-model for “Inspiring Girls”( and other initiatives.

Lucia Chierchia

 Managing Partner at Gellify

Lucia is convinced knowledge dissemination is the way everybody can have a social impact, offering their own capabilities to others. During her life, Lucia has continuously dedicated her energy to make other people’s projects successful. In her role in innovation and technology, Lucia has constantly supported company managers, start-uppers, entrepreneurial people, sharing her vision with transparency and passion. Lucia discovered she could even influence others, helping people understand how technologies can make life better, changing individuals’ consciousness about their role in designing new projects, for their company, their business, themselves.

She now hopes her experience in GELLIFY can encourage other people to design their leap.

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Roberta Cocco

 Councillor for Digital Transformation and Citizen Services at Comune di Milano

Since September 1st 2016, Roberta is Councillor for Digital Transformation and Services to Citizens at the Municipality of Milan, working with the newly elected Mayor.

Martina Cusano

 Co-Founder & CEO at Mukako

Martina is passionate about entrepreneurship as it represents for her the way to express her creativity. She can leverage her analytical thinking to find problems and she can experiment to find the best solution. She is not afraid of change and taking risks. She loves to read, travel the world and volunteering. She speaks Italian, English, Spanish and French.

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Margherita della Valle

 CFO at Vodafone Group

Margherita is the Group Chief Financial Officer for Vodafone and a member of the Vodafone Group PLC board, the culmination of a 24-year successful career with an organisation that Margherita is passionate about. Margherita's career has been built on strong leadership and the ability to transform Finance In a strong partner for the business. Many successes include individual awards like the Premio Bellisario (2009) award from the Italian Presidency recognising women’s achievements in the fields of business, science and public administration.

Lucia Di Masso

 Co-Founder & CEO at SERMS srl

Lucia is the co-founder and CEO of SERMS srl, which develop services for testing materials and components in space environment. Before co-founding SERMS srl, Lucia received her MSc in physics from the University of Perugia. Then, she focused her career into challenge in engineering and tech for aerospace by co-founding an academic spin-off company in 2004, SERMS srl, taking the inspiration with others from the cultural exchange between academia and industry. This has contributed to a constant expansion of this small company in the selection and quality of the services offered. Her vision helped SERMS to gain recognition and to build close partnerships with leading national and international companies and organizations.

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Simonetta Di Pippo

 Director at UNOOSA

Simonetta Di Pippo is the Director of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA), which is mandated to enhance international cooperation in space activities to promote their use for humanity.

Veronica Diquattro

Executive VP at DAZN

Veronica Diquattro, from September 2018, is the Executive Vice President Italy of DAZN, the live and on demand sport streaming service. In her role, Diquattro works to establish DAZN in the market with fans and partners as one of the country’s leading sport broadcasters, in a game-changing year for sport streaming.

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Amalia Ercoli Finzi

 Professor Emerita at Politecnico di Milano

Amalia Ercoli Finzi, born in 1937, is Honorary Professor at Politecnico di Milano. In this same institution, she previously held responsibility roles, being Director of the Department of Aerospace Engineering and Full Professor of Aerospace Mechanics at the Aerospace Engineering Faculty.

For over 30 years she has been a key player in the Space Flight Dynamics field, giving a meaningful contribution in several space research areas, such as: space mission design, attitude control, rendez-vous and docking manoeuvres, control of large space structures and micro-gravity experiments.

Gigliola Falvo

 Head of Digital Marketing at Poste Italiane

Gigliola Falvo is currently Broadband Operations Senior Director at Sky Italia. She has more than 20 years of experience as a top executive in leading global corporations.

She started her career in Arthur Andersen MBA in Telecommunications and Advaced Technology Area; from Arthur Andersen she moved to: i) Ericsson Telecomunicazioni SpA as Marketing Specialist for innovation and business development ii) Arthur D. Little SpA as Principal of TIME Practice (Telecoms, Information, Media and Electronics)  iii) Poste Italiane SpA where she served as Head of Marketing of Digital Services, managing the development of web site, App, eCommerce, Cloud and Digital Communications. She also served as Board member of two Companies purposely built as a result of a public tender.

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Elena Ferrari

 Full Professor at Università dell'Insubria

Elena Ferrari is a full professor of Computer Science at the University of Insubria (Italy), where she leads the STRICT SociaLab. She received her Ph.D and M.Sc. degree in Computer Science from the University of Milano (Italy). Her research interests cover many areas in the fields of cybersecurity, privacy, and trust management. On these topics, she has published more than 240 scientific publications in international journals and conference proceedings. Current research includes Big Data and IoT security and privacy, access control, machine learning for cybersecurity, risk analysis, blockchain, and secure social media.

Valeria Ferrari

 General Manager at Teethan

Valeria detected the big potential behind this product and she did a market analysis around the world, during which she realized a project called "Teethan", that in 2 years became one of the key products of BTS. Teethan is not only a breakthrough technology but a combination of a new business model for dentistry (the renting model) and of a new way of communicating with patients. This new winning approach, in January 2015, led to the foundation of a separate company, called Teethan, completely dedicated to the project developed in the previous years by Valeria.

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Francesca Gabrielli

 Co-Founder & CEO at Assist Digital

Francesca Gabrielli is a shareholder and CEO of Assist Digital, a customer experience service provider that combines human and artificial intelligence with UX design, technology and customer operations. Francesca is also an executive member of UX Alliance, a global network of user research and design.

Laura Gori

 Founder & CEO at Way2Global

Laura believes that technological innovation is a key to social innovation — a way to tap the tremendous pool of innovation, creativity and management of female workers.

In this revolutionary, digital age, where 80% of the language industry involves software and technology, Laura is passionate about AI, Machine Translation, neural networks, deep learning, cloud-based ecosystems, blockchains, design thinking, big data and corpora.

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Cecilia Laschi

 Professor at Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna

Cecilia Laschi is Full Professor of Biorobotics at the BioRobotics Institute of the Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna in Pisa, Italy, where she serves as Rector’s delegate to Research. She graduated in Computer Science at the University of Pisa in 1993 and received the Ph.D. in Robotics from the University of Genoa in 1998. In 2001-2002 she was JSPS visiting researcher at Waseda University in Tokyo.

Her research interests are in biorobotics and she is currently working in soft robotics, exploring the use of soft materials for building robots, a young research area that she pioneered and contributed to develop at international level. She has been working in humanoid robotics and neurorobotics, i.e. the use of robots for neuroscience research.

Daria Loi

 Principal Engineer at Intel

Daria Loi (PhD; BArch) is a senior technical leader, with 20+ years’ experience in and passion for mixing design strategy with agile UX research & innovation to enrich people’s everyday life. In her current Principal Engineer role at Intel Corporation, she focuses on distributed sensing and AI, with an emphasis on smart home, aging in place and collaborative environments. As a Participatory Design and User Experience researcher and strategist, Daria throughout her career has focused on diverse domains, including: ambient and affective computing, smart spaces, multimodal experiences, PC and TV products, and tangible user interfaces.

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Stefania Mancini

 Co-founder & CTO at I-Tel

Stefania is 57 years old, first and foremost a happy woman: wife, mother and grandmother.

She attended the first experimental computer science high school in Rome and, after graduation, she immediately entered the world of software house work, climbing all the steps: programmer, analyst, project manager, area manager, branch manager. At 30, the big move: with her husband, she founded their first of several companies (then sold to various multinational corporations) all focused on creating technological and innovative solutions.

Today her mission is to support what the Agency for the Digital Team is trying to do with difficulty in Italy as well as what is regulated by the CAD - Digital Administration Code.

Gioia Manetti

 VP International at Scout24

Mum of Matilde and Niccolò (10 and 8 years old respectively), Gioia joined Scout24 as CEO for Italy in April 2017, soon after she was appointed CEO for Southern Europe while in August 2018 she became Vice President, International. 
She is currently leading the top European digital car marketplace in Europe across Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, France, Spain and Austria.

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Mariangela Marseglia

 Country Manager Italy and Spain at Amazon

Mariangela joined Amazon in 2010 to be part of the team that launched and has since held a variety of leadership roles in the Media and Hardlines categories in the Paris and Milan offices. In 2015, after spending almost a year in Seattle, she returned to Italy from where she led the launch of Prime Now – Amazon Ultrafast delivery service - to Europe and Asia.

In June 2018 she became Amazon Italy and Spain Country Manager.

Gianna Martinengo

 Founder & CEO at Didael KTS

Gianna Martinengo is an entrepreneur. She considers work, innovation and know-how at the origin of the progress of the entire society. This explains why her priorities have been devoted to social objectives - such as human learning and women progress - not just to business. Her approach privileges applied research, professional growth, partnerships with other centers of expertise in an international context.

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Alice Melocchi

 Co-Founder & CTO at Multiply Labs

Currently, Alice is a post-doctoral fellow at the Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Milan and lecturer (pharmaceutical technology classes) at the same university. Her research activity concerns the exploitation of hot-processing techniques for the production of innovative drug delivery systems. More recently, her work has been focused on the use of 3D printing, and in particular of fused deposition modeling. Thanks to the experience gained, in 2016 Alice co-founded the startup Multiply Labs, where she holds the position of CTO in addition to her academic roles. The startup was selected, in 2016, for the summer batch of YCombinator and successfully closed a seed round of investments in the same year. The company was first in the manufacturing of filaments based on pharmaceutical-grade polymers and 3D printing of capsule shells for controlled release of active molecules, receiving FDA audit and approval for production of nutraceuticals.

Paola Moretto

 Co-Founder & CEO at Nouvola

Paola Moretto is an experienced and passionate technology executive and entrepreneur with a strong track record both at startups and established companies. With in-depth expertise in mobile, cloud, web applications, and software performance, Paola is considered an influencer and a thought leader in the topics above, and has spoken at several international events.

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Isabella Nova

 Professor at Politecnico di Milano

Isabella Nova is Professor in Chemical Reaction Engineering at the Department of Energy, Politecnico di Milano. She has got her master degree in Chemical Engineering at Politecnico di Milano (1996), her Industrial Chemistry at University of Milano (1999).

She is currently recognized an internationally leader in the automotive catalysis area, including Selective Catalytic Reduction of NOx by NH3 for both stationary and mobile applications, Diesel Particulate filters for the removal of soot, Ammonia Slip Catalysts for the control of ammonia, Passive NOx Adsorber catalysts for cold start applications, and new processes for the production of clean energy (photocatalytic water splitting).

Francesca Patellani

 COO at Accenture

After twenty years 
as a consultant at Accenture in the Financial Services market working on System Integration and Outsourcing projects for major Italian and international banks, in 2014, she was appointed Director of Operations. In this role she oversees the entire set of services underpinning Accenture’s business such as facilities management, technological infrastructures, procurement and people mobility.

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Fausta Pavesio

 Investor, Board Member & Venture Partner at SmartUp Capital

Experienced professional and Board Member, curious about innovation, Fausta has a deep understanding of the power of a new tech approach for innovation. Fausta is an Angel Investor in breakthrough ventures and was named by EU Startups among the 50 most influential European women in Startup and VC. EBAN LeanIN WBA Women Business Angel Award 2018.

Chiara Petrioli

 Founding Partner & Director at WSENSE

If you think it is difficult to enable wireless communication on land, you could imagine what are the challenges of doing the same underwater! Chiara Petrioli and the trailblazing research she pursues are embracing these challenges full steam! Along with the team of talented young researchers of her lab at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” she set up to discover and build ways for “things” (e.g., sensors, robots) … and even humans… to talk to each other underwater.

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Manuela Raffatellu

 Full Professor at UCSD

Manuela Raffatellu is a full Professor at the University of California, San Diego School of Medicine. She received her M.D. at the University of Sassari, Italy, in 2000. She moved to the US in 2002, where she trained as a postdoctoral fellow at Texas A&M University and at the University of California, Davis. She opened her laboratory as an Assistant Professor at the University of California, Irvine in 2008, where she was promoted to Associate Professor with tenure in 2014. In 2017, she was recruited as a full Professor with tenure at the University of California, San Diego.

Her research focuses on the interactions between bacterial pathogens and the immune response in the gut.

Elisabetta Romano


Elisabetta Romano is Chief Technology Officer at TIM. Among her responsibilities in the role is ensuring the Group’s technological innovation and digitisation process; overseeing the evolution of TIM’s mobile and landline communication networks; and the IT requirements at Group level.

Romano also directs the integration of engineering processes and the development of technological infrastructures, platforms and IT applications, as well as the governance of the related businesses.

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Elisa Romondia

 Founder & CEO at Devoleum

Elisa Romondia is a proficient Data Analyst and Blockchain Developer. She has an MSc in Psychology and numerous Nanodegrees in Data Science. She combines cutting-edge technologies and psychology, in order to develop new ways to improve our society and our quality of life. Following this idea, with her colleague Lorenzo Zaccagnini, she developed “Dammi la mano”, an app aimed at people with disabilities and their caregivers. This project won the TIM #WCap Prize at Digithon’16, the first official Italian hackathon.

Chiara Russo

 Co-Founder & CEO at Codemotion

Chiara is CEO and Co-founder of Codemotion, the multichannel platform that supports developers in their professional growth and helps companies engage them to boost the adoption of their technology, to hire talents and for open-innovation purposes. 

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Katia Sagrafena

 Co-founder & COO at Vetrya

Katia Sagrafena is the co-founder of vetrya (VTY.MI), an international group leader listed on the Stock Exchange with companies in Asia, USA, Brazil and Spain. Vetrya develops digital services and solutions and works in the digital, media, mobile, advertising, entertainment, telco, online advertising, internet and television industry, making technological innovation its major strength.

Donatella Sciuto

 Prorettore Vicario at PoliMI

Donatella is currently the Executive Vice Rector of the Politecnico di Milano and Full Professor in Computer Science and Engineering. She is in charge of International relations for Engineering and of Research Strategies. Her interests cover also ICT infrastructure and services, teaching innovation and MOOCs, diversity inclusion.

Her main research interests cover the methodologies for the design of embedded systems and multicore systems considering issues of performance, power and security. More recently she has been involved in managing research projects in the area of smart cities and in the application of new ICT technologies to different application fields.

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Alessandra Sciutti

 Researcher at IIT

After working as Researcher at the Department of Informatics, Bioengineering, Robotics and Systems Engineering of the University of Genoa she is currently researcher at the Italian Institute of Technology where she coordinates the ERC European Project wHiSPER. The scientific aim of her research is to investigate the sensory and motor mechanisms underlying mutual understanding in human-human interaction, with the technological goal of designing naturally interacting robots.

Cinzia Silvestri

 Co-Founder & Managing Director at BI/OND Solutions

Cinzia is a doctor in microelectronics by training and a multi-passionate creative by nature. Originally from Italy, Cinzia has lived and worked in different countries and speaks Italian, English, French, some German.

She has over six years of experience in academic research focused on experiments on nanomaterials and silicon microfabrication and the resulting applications in biotechnology, sensing, and novel cooling strategies in smartphones. Cinzia strongly believes that progress is more than innovation.

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Gea Smith

 Vice President & Head of Digital Consulting Telco and Media at Capgemini

Gea chose to enter the consulting world and started her career in Andersen Consulting, now Accenture, in the Communications, Media & High-Tech division: throughout her career at Accenture she worked and managed increasingly complex business and technical transformation projects in Italy and around the world (OTE, Vimpelcom, Maxis, Vodafone, Etisalat, H3G among others) always centered around leading-edge technologies and digital innovation. In 2006 she was in the core team that launched DVB-H, the first solution to deliver TV services on mobile phones via broadcasting technology, in H3G Italy first, then in Maxis Malaysia and in Vimpelcom.

Mariarosaria Taddeo

 Research Fellow at University of Oxford

Dr. Mariarosaria Taddeo is Research Fellow (Assistant Professor) at the Oxford Internet Institute, University of Oxford, where she is the Deputy Director of the Digital Ethics Lab, and is Turing Fellow at the Alan Turing Institute.

She is a philosopher and an ethicist. Her core area of expertise are philosophy of information and digital ethics. Although, she has also developed research in social epistemology and philosophy of artificial intelligence. Her work has been centered around philosophical and ethical questions prompted by digital technologies since the beginning of her career.

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Alessandra Todde

 CEO at Olidata

Alessandra Todde is the CEO of Olidata. Founded in Cesena the 29th of April 1982 as a Software House specialized in accounting software, Olidata has been one of the leading European manufacturers of IT and Office Automation products and services in both the public and private sector, featuring hundreds of thousand hardware and software systems installed in Europe and Latin America.

Serena Torielli

 Co-Founder & CEO at Virtual B

Serena is the CEO and co-founder of Virtual B. Virtual B has been a pioneer of fintech in Italy, and in 2011 it launched AdviseOnly, the first robo-advisor in Europe. Virtual B is a technology-based company enabling financial institutions to leverage their own data to better serve their clients and to offer the type of customer centric service and personalized experience that represent the new norm in the digital era.

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Francesca Tranquilli

 President of Online Flagship Stores, YNAP

Today Francesca is President of OFS, responsible for the design and delivery of over 30 online stores “Powered by YOOX NET-A-PORTER GROUP” for some of the world’s leading luxury brands.

Paola Velardi

 Full Professor at Università La Sapienza

Paola Velardi received her Degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Roma 'La Sapienza'.  She has been working with the Fondazione Ugo Bordoni as a researcher, with the University of Stanford as a visiting researcher, with the IBM Roma Research Center as a researcher, with the University of Ancona as an associate professor and, since 1998, she is with the Department of Computer Science, Sapienza University of Roma.

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Francesca Vergara

 CIO at Italgas

Francesca is currently CIO @ Italgas, landing in the role after diverse international experiences as IT Director in the consumer good industry. During her career she led a variety of multifunctional and multi-domain transformations, large global M&A, IT Platforms conversions (including Public Cloud migration), large IT Organization establishment and evolution. She has a history of successfully partnering with Senior Management to drive cultural and processes transformation leveraging IT technologies, ranging from the introduction of digital CRM, to advanced analytics practices, workforce automation and end to end supply chain synchronization.

She strongly believes in driving Innovation and anticipating changes as a way to sustain business growth, develop new business models and ultimately remain relevant as IT organization.

Grazia Vittadini

 CTO at Airbus

Grazia Vittadini has been appointed Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Airbus and a member of the Airbus Executive Committee, effective 1 May 2018. Furthermore, she serves as Director of the Airbus Foundation Board and as a member of the Inclusion and Diversity Steering Committee.

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Susana Voces

 General Manager at eBay Italy and Spain

A veteran of e-commerce and the digital economy, Susana Voces has 20 years of experience in marketing, finance, sales and integral management. Currently, Voces is the General Manager of eBay in Italy and Spain.

She owns an industrial engineer degree from the ICAI University (Universidad Pontificia de Comillas), a degree in Marketing from ICADE and a postgraduate degree in Administration, specializing in information technology, from Harvard.

She is very committed to women's entrepreneurship, diversity and social innovation.

Silvia Wang

 Co-Founder & President at ProntoPro

Silvia Wang was born in 1986 in Italy, shortly after her parents relocated from China. Her parents had moved to Italy with the hopes of finding a means to sustain their family. They di so by opening Brescia’s first Chinese restaurant, where Silvia worked from very young age taking table reservations. She grew up in Brescia, experiencing the tough ups-and-downs of running a family business, and graduated cum laude in Marketing Management at Bocconi University in Milan.

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