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Katia Sagrafena

Katia Sagrafena is the co-founder of vetrya (VTY.MI), an international group leader listed on the Stock Exchange with companies in Asia, USA, Brazil and Spain.

Vetrya develops digital services and solutions and works in the digital, media, mobile, advertising, entertainment, telco, online advertising, internet and television industry, making technological innovation its major strength.

Vetrya is the most innovative company according to the Great Place to Work for Innovation in 2018 in Italy and is one of the best places to work in Italy for women and millennials.

Today, Katia is Chief Operating Officer and Human Resources Director of the company.

In 2017, with her husband Luca Tomassini, she created a foundation called "Fondazione Luca e Katia Tomassini" in order to inspire and to introduce young people to the digital world.

Vetrya and the Fondazione Luca e Katia Tomassini have their headquarters at the vetrya corporate campus, which opened in 2014. An extraordinary company in digital culture and company welfare was thus founded.

Katia has also been awarded for her dedication to gender equality many times, for example the Premio Marisa Bellisario and the Women Value Company Award.