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Lorella Carimali

Lorella Carimali is a teacher of mathematics and physics at the Vittorio Veneto High school in Milano. She has ongoing collaborations with universities, in particular with the LIUC University of Castellanza, research centres, as well as with other teaching organizations, and is active in the field of innovative teaching methods. She has been passionate about school and about teaching students for over 30 years, ever since leaving university, where she chose a teaching career over the better paid private sector opportunities that were offered to her. Her teaching methods are innovative and aimed at teaching mathematical thought together with development of those skills necessary for the workplace of tomorrow. In 2017 she was awarded as one of the 10 best teachers in Italy, and in 2018 she was chosen among 50 finalists for the Global Teacher Prize (the Nobel prize for teachers). She has been selected as ambassador for the Varkey Foundation to propose her teaching methods throughout the world, and she has participated in the Global Education and Skill Forum. Together with her class, she was awarded the first prize at Netd@ys Europe 2003. Media and television have seized the opportunity to tell the story of “the teacher that uses numbers to explain the world… and in doing so teaches freedom”. She is today a role model for many students, some of whom have even dedicated to her a TED style video, and who through her help, have chosen to study STEM disciplines. Able to switch between literature and numbers with ease, she is the author of The Square Root of Life, a novel published by Rizzoli whose central theme is how mathematics can be used as an instrument of social redemption and to help face the challenges of everyday life. Those same challenges that she had to face, growing up in a lower class neighbourhood in Milano, and earning her social redemption through her degree in mathematics.