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Lucia di Masso

Lucia is the co-founder and CEO of SERMS srl, which develop services for testing materials and components in space environment. Before co-founding SERMS srl, Lucia received her MSc in physics from the University of Perugia. Then, she focused her career into challenge in engineering and tech for aerospace by co-founding an academic spin-off company in 2004, SERMS srl, taking the inspiration with others from the cultural exchange between academia and industry. This has contributed to a constant expansion of this small company in the selection and quality of the services offered. Her vision helped SERMS to gain recognition and to build close partnerships with leading national and international companies and organizations. In 2017 she managed the acquisition of SERMS srl by UMBRAGROUP S.P.A. which is a cutting-edge manufacturing Italian company in the aeronautics and industrial sectors. Lucia's effective professional skills are the result of her twenty years of experience in aerospace and aeronautics sectors. Actually, she is managing and coordinating a team assigned to sales, supplier management, design and testing services. She is involved, with the role of the executive key person, in daily operations relating to the relationships with all suppliers, quality and procurement service and developing new business strategies with customers. She currently lives in Terni, in the heart of the green Umbria, with her husband and daughter.