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Margherita della Valle

Margherita is the Group Chief Financial Officer for Vodafone and a member of the Vodafone Group PLC board, the culmination of a 24-year successful career with an organisation that Margherita is passionate about.

Margherita lives in London with her husband, Alessandro, and has two sons, Marco and Alberto.

Margherita joined Vodafone through Omnitel Pronto Italia in 1994, which later became Vodafone Italy, where she held key senior positions in consumer marketing, business analytics and customer base management before moving into Finance. In 2000 Margherita became Vodafone Italy's Chief Controller, before being promoted to Chief Financial Officer for Vodafone Italy in 2004. In this role she brought strong commercial orientation into Finance allowing it to play a key role in strong and profitable growth. She also developed a strong team of talents which currently contribute to Vodafone success internationally.

Margherita's success in Italy was replicated as first she moved to Chief Financial Officer for Europe in 2007 before becoming the Group Financial Controller in 2011 and then the Deputy CFO in 2015. In these later roles Margherita had a major impact on the success of Vodafone globally Including the creation of Vodafone Shared Services, an Integrated organisation serving all group companies, employing over 20,000 people and generating savings of £450M. Margherita was promoted Group CFO in July 2018.

Margherita's career has been built on strong leadership and the ability to transform Finance In a strong partner for the business. Many successes include individual awards like the Premio Bellisario (2009) award from the Italian Presidency recognising women’s achievements in the fields of business, science and public administration.

Margherita is also a Non-Executive director at Centrica PLC (since 2011) and chairman of the Centrica Audit Committee (since 2013), she was also a trustee of the Vodafone Foundation (2011-18) and a member of the UK Treasury Financial Management Review Board (since 2015.

Today Margherita is leading Vodafone's Finance function and is a key player in the future of Vodafone.