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Paola Moretto

Paola Moretto is an experienced and passionate technology executive and entrepreneur with a strong track record both at startups and established companies.

Paola Moretto is the founder and CEO of Nouvola, a tech startup offering unprecedented visibility of software performance during testing and DevOps, aimed at revolutionizing the software testing process for mid- and large enterprises. Prior to Nouvola, she has run organizations at Intel developing first generation mobile and cloud solutions, and startup teams in the mobile space. She co-founded Mobilian (acquired by Intel), a B2B connectivity tech startup, and TCSI (acquired by Atmel), a B2B mobile technology company, leading both teams to successful exits. At Intel, she was in charge of product development for Wi-Fi Centrino, a highly prominent Intel program that accelerated up Wi-Fi adoption and made the world mobile. The seeds of the idea for Nouvola were planted when she was Director of Software for Intel’s Data Center Group, where she worked on solving scalability issues for companies like Facebook

With in-depth expertise in mobile, cloud, web applications, and software performance, Paola is considered an influencer and a thought leader in the topics above, and has spoken at several international events.

Relentless advocate for diversity in tech, Paola is passionate about advancing women careers and is a well-known speaker on topics such as diversity and women leadership in business. She also spearheaded the Women Founders Forum, a group connecting and empowering women founders.

Paola holds a MS in Physics from University of Genoa and a MS in Computer Science from Politecnico of Turin.