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Serena Cameirano

Born in 1983 in Savona (Liguria), Serena's passion for computers started in 1995, when the first Commodore 64 entered the Cameirano family house and conquered her heart. After graduating high school Serena left for Ireland for an internship within the European Union project “Leonardo”. There she discovered that she wanted to continue her studies across the channel. Admitted to the Computer Science course at the prestigious Trinity College in Dublin, Serena moved to Ireland on a budget just enough to pay for her enrollment and survive six months. For four years that were strenuous but fulfilling, she studied during the day and worked as a waitress in the evening.
Serena then won an Erasmus scholarship to study abroad in Germany at Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) of Munich. On top, during this year she was the only Irish student chosen to do an internship a Microsoft’s headquarters in Seattle, where she helped improving the “SQL Server” product. The IT giant offered her a full time position before the end of the internship period, which she accepted.

However, before starting at Microsoft, Serena first returned to Ireland to graduate, and even moved to Switzerland for a summer internship at CERN during which she performed simulations of the LHC particle accelerator’s job scheduler. Subsequently, enlisted then by Microsoft, she finally returned to Seattle to work for two years on SQL Server. In 2009, while still on Microsoft’s payroll, she moved to London to obtained a Masters in Medical Engineering and Physics from King's College.
Determined to live at the center of the modern technological world, she then moved to Silicon Valley in 2012 to work on the engineering team at Salesforce, the leading customer relationship management software provider, and one of Silicon Valley’s largest companies. She currently holds the title of Principal Software Engineer, and lives in the East Bay area with her husband and two kids.