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Stefania Mancini

Stefania is 57 years old, first and foremost a happy woman: wife, mother and grandmother.

She attended the first experimental computer science high school in Rome and, after graduation, she immediately entered the world of software house work, climbing all the steps: programmer, analyst, project manager, area manager, branch manager.

At 30, the big move: with her husband, she founded their first of several companies (then sold to various multinational corporations) all focused on creating technological and innovative solutions.

Today her mission is to support what the Agency for the Digital Team is trying to do with difficulty in Italy as well as what is regulated by the CAD - Digital Administration Code.

How did she come up with the Idea? Using, like people do, public services and realizing the incredible gap between how to book a trip, to use home banking, to buy online (all very easy) compared to the bureaucratic procedures of the Public Administration (really complicated).

Her job is specifically this: to create innovative solutions for the P.A. (or better, for citizens) to provide and receive multi-channel information flows (automatic telephone calls, SMS, mail, InstantMessaging, chat, chatbot, APPs, videocall) in order to improve processes, optimize services, manage events and cut costs. The final result is, therefore, transparency, obtaining also for P.A. a distinct advantage in terms of economic returns and image.

In other words, Stefania's goal is to transform inyo “social” the applications of the Public Administration (always unfortunately very dated), eliminating paper sheets and analog processes, facilitating communications, finally digital, between the organizational structure and citizens, patients, public employees.

Next personal challenge? A Bachelor's degree in Literature.