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Valeria Cagnina

Valeria Cagnina, born in 2001, passionate about robotics and technology. She’s Co-Founder and Mentor of Robotics School.

Her story started at 11yo in Milan Coderdojo when she saw a digital plant made with Arduino and she fell in love with it. After this experience following Youtube video, she build her first robot that can avoid obstacles.

From this point she started to be invited in a lot of events and activities: at 14yo she’s speaker in TEDxMilanoWomen, at Pisa CNR, in the Maker Faire Rome 2015 Opening Conference in Sapienza Main Room. She was nominated in the 100 most influential women in tech.

At 15yo she spent her summer in Boston MIT Robotics Department, in the Duckietown class like Senior Tester building an autonomous robot and simplifying the university tutorial.

After she was inspired in Boston by a different way to do education, at 16yo she founded her school and started to teach robotics and tech to children from 3yo.

Now, at 17yo, her school became a real company with her company partner Francesco Baldassarre.

Together Valeria and Francesco expand their robotics school making activities from 3yo children to teens, adults, teachers with state certificated courses in public and private schools and in companies with team building in small, medium and big company like Cisco, Allianz, Michelin, Enel and IBM.

They organize workshop around the world, they do laboratories where they use robotics to help Dreamers to be curious, to discover and grow their passions following the 10 rules of their school: do what you love and you will never work one day in your life!