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Valeria Ferrari

Valeria Ferrari was born in Fiorenzuola d’Arda (Piacenza) in 1987, and she grew up in the same city until she was 19 y.o., when she moved in Milan. She’s a biomedical engineer from Politecnico of Milan, specialized in clinical engineering. She did her master thesis in collaboration with Harvard Medical School (Boston): during this research program she specialized in sleep analysis and she developed an algorithm for detecting and predicting sleep apnea.

After graduation (110/110), she started working in Milan for BTS Bioengineering (a company specialized in movement analysis). Joining BTS was her biggest dream. She started as product specialist, then became the product manager of a product not included in the core business of the company. She detected the big potential behind this product and she did a market analysis around the world, during which she realized a project called "Teethan", that in 2 years became one of the key products of BTS. Teethan is not only a breakthrough technology but a combination of a new business model for dentistry (the renting model) and of a new way of communicating with patients. This new winning approach, in January 2015, led to the foundation of a separate company, called Teethan, completely dedicated to the project developed in the previous years by Valeria.

Valeria was senior product manager and then she became the general manager of the company, focusing on her managing skills.